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When you’re creating a resume, you’re always competing against other job applicants. That’s why it’s essential to see how others create their resumes as well as what resume skills they have (so you learn from them and maximize your chances of getting hired).

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Most-Read Guides on How to Write A Resume

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Our resume-writing guides walk you through the entire process, from header to footer and section by section. We’ll make sure you’ll convince the employer (e.g. recruiter, hiring manager) you’re the perfect candidate.
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  1. Know whether to write a one-page or two-page resume and how to format your resume given your job experience.
  2. Write the perfect professional objective or career summary
  3. In your work experience section, be sure to tailor your resume, include the right resume keywords, and impress the employer with achievements.
  4. Detail your knowledge by properly showing your education.
  5. Show off with a full list of skills...
  6. ...and prove them with certifications, volunteer experience, and even hobbies and even which fonts to use.

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Our resume guides give you right-vs-wrong examples and sample resume content created by HR professionals.
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Here’s a breakdown of our perfect resume guides by industry.
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